At home, in her studio

Lani Goodrich, potter

Lani Goodrich is the artist behind Avenue Pottery. She started her artistic career as an art teacher in South Florida. Shortly after realizing this was becoming more of a part time job, she decided to pursue a teaching degree in science. Art was always a part of her science curriculum and she loved to cover her chalkboards with detailed and meticulously labeled diagrams of cells, atoms or whatever else the lesson called for. She always encouraged her students to use art in whatever aspect of school that they could find an application.

After the birth of her first child, she decided to stay home to raise her, and before long had two more daughters.

Always itching to get back into the art world, she began to learn the discipline of wheel throwing in a pottery studio built by her husband and located in the back yard or their Florida home. It is there that she created the first line of Avenue Pottery, and where she still to this day creates each handmade item, one at a time on the wheel.  Each piece is then glazed by hand dipping and fired again to a temperature that transforms it into stoneware. Stoneware is a slightly more durable form of pottery that stands up better to everyday use. 

Each piece is made in a studio, not in a factory. Thank you for supporting a small, local business.



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